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Technology updates #11

In this article, we discussed Technology latest weekly updates that happened this week.

TSMC to produce 3nm based processor

TSMC to acquire 30 hectares of land in Taiwan to develop 3nm processor for next-generation devices.

TSMC 3nm processor

China ready for 5G

China is ready to roll out 5G for end-user. The official dates of the rollout is from November 1.

Vivo patented 6G: Latest Technology Updates

VIVO 6G patented

Vivo got its new 6G logo patented. yes you heard it right, it’s only for logo.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 and Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi to launch it’s new lineup of Note. The Mi Note 10 and Mi Note 10 pro is reportedly going to be launched in China soon.

Red Hydrogen Phone Cancelled

Red Hydrogen One phone cancelled as the founder retired from the company. This happened due to the long fail of the product.

Asus ROG phone 2 accessories on sale

Asus ROG phone 2 is a beast but this accessory will make it more often beast of its category. Company has launched 3 of its accessories namely, Aero Active cooler, Twin View Dock, Mobile Desktop Dock.

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Mi pay available in play store

For all your payments, Xiaomi launched Mi pay application in play store for all of your payments needs.

TCL showcased Folding phone

TCL folding phone

World’s first phone to support dual-hinge design melted with flexible OLED displays with 3 folding sequence. Yet this phone will not be available for commercial end-user. Click here to know more.

Huawei Mate Xs launch dates

Huawei to launch Mate Xs in 1st quarter of 2020 with Kirin 990 processor and support for 5G.

Google AI Knows how to smell

google AI

Google’s AI is not trained and ready to smell and recognise things with its trained capabilities.

Samsung Unveiled Combined Mid-range module

Samsung unveiled a new concept of modular combination of RAM and ROM. They will pack in 12GB RAM and ROM based in UFS 3.0 for mid-range mobile devices.

Airtel Invests in a Banglore based company

Airtel Invests a stake of 10% in a banglore based AI company for more technological growth.

NetFlix new update features

Netflix was spotted to launch a new update that will bring Playback speed feature in Android devices.

Bill Gates again In No.1 position

Bill gates

Bill Gates became No.1 again at the end of this year. He is now the richest man in the world followed by Jeff Bezos. He is now worth $105.7 Billion.

Oppo Reno S to launch soon

Oppo Reno S to launch in India this December which will bring features like 64Mp camera and 65W super-fast charger in the box.

Jio new Recharge plans (Revised)

After all those IUC game, Jio has some new recharge packs. Check here.

Jio IUC plans
  • Rs.222- 2GB/day, 100SMS/day, 28days validity, 1000 IUC mins.
  • Rs.333- 2GB/day, 100SMS/day, 56days validity, 1000 IUC mins.
  • Rs.444- 2GB/day, 100SMS/day, 84days validity, 1000 IUC mins.
  • Rs.555- 2GB/day, 100SMS/day, 84days validity, 3000 IUC mins.

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