pubg mobile season 9

pubg mobile season 9 update with rocket launcher and helicopter expected

PUBG MOBILE is featuring its next 0.14.5 update soon, with a new Season 9 ‘Warriors Unite’ content.

pubg mobile season 9 update logs:

A lot has been happening with PUBG mobile. Many odd youtube videos also suggest that season 9 update will bring rocket launcher and helicopters into the game. Which is going to make the classic battle royale game more exciting for players. Also the new season 9 will bring many rewards and content into the diversification of game.

pubg royal pass season 9, you will get major option which includes payload mode. PUBG MOBILE team has officially announced about the upcoming new mode in case of royale pass 9 which is called “Warriors unite“. The Season 9 will arrive with the 0.14.5 update which will bring all the new content related themed for warriors.

What you should know about Pubg mobile season 9 :

Apart from that, Players will be offered redesigned missions and ranking pages with the same. There will also be a countdown timer leading to the new season. This Royale Pass will have customised sharing page and new weekly Mission crate reminders will also be present. The achievement chain progress system will be offered with the update. Emotes can be dismantled now and rewards and a discount on rare firearm finish will be offered.

PUBG MOBILE players can also opt for a chance to win a journey to the PMCO 2019 Fall Splits Global Finals which is a part of the Global Treasure Hunt Challenge, for a prize pool of 1 million.

Pubg mobile season 9 availability:

If you are wondering to buy Royal Pass Season 9 update, you should know that the update will start rolling out from September 12 via the Google Play Store and App Store for Apple devices. These update will come with pubg mobile helicopter as well as pubg mobile rocket launcher.

This will be an amazing fight scenario update to the players and will add an immense amount of value to player skills and growth towards the gaming community.

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