MWC got cancelled

MWC 2020 cancelled due to Coronavirus concerns by GSMA: Everything You need to know

What is MWC?

MWC or Mobile World Congress which happens every year during the month of February was scheduled to be held from 24th of February to 27th of February in Barcelona, Spain. MWC is the world’s biggest tech event for all the tech geeks and tech giants showcasing their new product launches and future technologies. The event is organised every year by GSMA also known as Global System for Mobile Communications Association. Here, Lets Know Why MWC 2020 Cancelled?

Why MWC 2020 cancelled?

Why MWC 2020 Cancelled?

By this time everybody must be aware of the Coronavirus epidemic in China and this is the main reason towards cancellation of this huge event. The GSMA announced that the tech exhibit has to be called off, mainly because major tech companies pulled out from the event as a preventive measure amid the massive outbreak of the virus. A large number of companies had already issued strict directions over international travel of their employees and trade happening with China. Moreover, GSMA had taken some strict measures, such as no-handshake policy and fresh microphones for all speakers, but it seems these measures were not convincing enough for the companies to attend the event.

what are the companies who pulled off from MWC?

Companies who Pulled Off From MWC?

LG, ZTE, Nvidia, Intel, Vivo, Sony, Amazon, Ericsson, Facebook, NTT Docomo, Cisco, HMD, BT had already cancelled their appearances this week. But all this gave a major blew to companies like Xiaomi and Realme who were still ready to showcase their 5G phones at the event. But only a few companies were going ahead to attend the MWC anyway, while a major fraction of them had already decided to skip the event so this resulted in the cancellation of MWC.

Our Thoughts on MWC 2020 Cancellation?

Believe it or not, this was smelling from weeks ago after major companies decided to skip the event. Well at the end MWC wouldn’t have been great if the major companies didn’t have anything to show at the event so we think it is a great decision by GSMA considering the losses that would have occurred after the event.

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