Mediatek Helio G90 and G90T

Mediatek G90 and G90T SOC: launched, specification, upcoming smartphones

Mediatek G90 and G90T was finally announced, the new G series which denotes gaming. These chipset will directly compete with its rival Qualcomm SD 730. The most interesting part of the launch is, it was done in India rather than in any other market. It simply shows how companies are trying to get more exposure in Indian market. As if India becoming a game eccentric country, Every manufacture is trying to offer a better deal with an affordable price. That’s why, these processor will directly compete with smartphones supporting mid range SOC.

The Taiwanese chip manufacturer MediaTek have named these processsors as Mediatek G90 and G90T. These two SOC are their first which is being introduced in the G series which dedicates to gaming.

Mediatek G90 and G90T SOC (Specification):

These gaming focused SOC are include an octa core CPU which can be clocked up to 2.05Ghz, which uses the same ARM cortex A-76 and A-55 architecture. Two of the powerful cores are A-76 and other six are power efficient cores which is A-55. Coming GPU department, The processor bags in ARM’s Mali G-76 GPU which can be boosted to 800Mhz.

As comparing to its competition which is Qualcomm SD 730, this processor will be an improved in performance as provided by some bench marking scores. This will in bang on when it comes to GPU department. The company claims to have an boost of 30% in GPU which will enhance the gaming experience.

The G90 will support upto 8gb of LPDDR4x ram, where as the G90T will support upto 10gb of LPDDR4x ram.

difference in features of G90 and G90T

Mediatek G90 and G90T SOC (Features):

Other specific features which is supported by this processor will be HDR10 for an very immersive experience in viewing perspective. The company also included, which is called “HYPER ENGINE“, which will adequately improve the performance while gaming for long hours and also will provide lag free touch response. This will also help in producing vivid colors for viewing perspective. some of the bench marking scores is provided here:

bench marking scores for Helio G90 and G90T

Apart from gaming, it also comes with intelligent network prediction engine which MediaTek says will be very helpful while gaming as well as consuming content. what it does is, continuously keep searching and will keep on connecting to the best possible network available. primarily if you are on one network playing games and suddenly some issue will arise within the same then it directly switches to mobile network or any other wifi network if available for seamless experience and lag free gaming purpose. Company also says, these will support cameras upto 64mp.

who will be the first smartphone brand ?

Brands like Xiaomi has already announced and declared on the stage that, they will be also launching a smartphone soon which will support these SOC. probably, Realme is also teasing in their twitter handle about the same which will come with 64mp camera, as if these SOC is manufactured to support upto 64mp camera.

So, we can expect these chipsets to be commercial very soon in affordable range.

what you think which smartphone manufacturer will first come with these SOC in the market ?

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