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Technology updates #6

Xiaomi 8k TV launch:

Xiaomi is planning for a new premium product which is teased to be an 8K TV. This will launch in China soon in the month of October.

Xiaomi 8K tv

iphone 11 pro ram: Latest Technology updates

In a recent test of Geek bench, all iphone models including iphone 11, iphone 11 pro, iphone 11 pro max have the same ram configuration of 4GB across all variant. Antutu benchmark scores for A13 bionic goes higher than 450000, which is absolutely revolutionary if compared with Android-based processors. Get detailed info here.

Xiaomi teaser about MIX Alpha and watch colour:

A recent report reveals a secret device by Xiaomi with 108 MP camera unit and 90Hz display to be called “Xiaomi MIX Alpha”. Also, a new watch is being teased by the company to be launched in quarter 4 of this year.

Jio Fiber is not what we thought:

According to reports, jio fiber offerings are not well planned and value for money. This results as not a disruptive change in fiber Internet economy as Jio did in case of its network launch. Get detailed info here.

jio fiber

Lenovo carme smartwatch price:

Lenovo launched its new smartwatch in India with price of Rs.3499 with all features a user would need, although its not a touch screen.

lenovo carne watch

Flipkart video streaming:

Flipkart launches new video streaming which is live on Flipkart now. Exclusive for Flipkart Plus members. This will be surprisingly a very affordable OTT according to the Indian Market.

Oneplus’s Oxygen OS tree planting:

With the completion of 1500 days of oxygen OS. Oneplus is offering a step into the plantation. This will add an effect on our environment in a lot case. According to Oneplus, each tweet by a user will keep on adding the number of plants to be planted. We should heavily appreciate this kind of initiative.

Realme Power Bank price:

On 13th September Realme launched their new power bank with three new colors and priced at Rs.1299. Which offers a 10000mAH battery with USB-A and USB-C two way charging.

Realme Wireless Earbuds:

On the same day of Realme XT launch, they also launched their fresh wireless earbuds which are priced at Rs.1799. See here for details.

Realme wireless earbuds

Joker Malware looting Money:

Recent reports suggest, a malware named “JOKER” is not only hampering android users but also stealing money in-App purchases. Stay Aware.

Xiaomi Mint keyboard:

Xiaomi launched mint keyboard on google play store in India which supports 23 regional languages of India with many other exciting new features.

Realme XT 730G: Latest Technology updates

Realme To launch Realme XT 730G which will be upgraded version of Realme XT, with a more powerful processor focused on gaming.

oppo Reno Ace with 65 watts Charging system:

Recently oppo announced Reno Ace with 65 watts super-fast charging solution.

Vivo Nex 3: Latest Technology updates

Vivo Nex 3 with an incredible 99.6% screen to body ratio which will first in segment.

Vivo Nex 3

Vivo U10 launch: Latest Technology updates

Vivo to launch U10 on 24th September to target online customers. This will come with very exciting package, leaks suggest.

Flipkart Big Billion Days:

Flipkart has announced its biggest sale of the year, Big billion days. This will start from 29th of September to 4th October. Don’t forget the dates and avail the best value.

Flipkart big billion days

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