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How to Install latest GCAM Mod on Any Android Phone [latest 2019 Tricks]

Installing google camera mod has always been a heck in the head, But we all knew that GCAM mod is the only best software-based solution to get pictures with better picture quality as well as clarity. So this article is all about how to install GCAM mod on any android phone with some latest 2019 tricks and steps that will make your life easier.

How to know camera2 API is supported or not?

Before installing google camera MOD in your phone you need to check that, your device should support camera2 Api. It’s not a big deal though. Nowadays many odd phones already come with camera2 Api as default feature with there device.

But if you ever wondered how to check if your phone supports or not? Simply you need to install the Camera2 API Probe app which is free directly from the Play Store. Just install the app and launch it. You will see something like this when you turn on the app.

how to install Camera2 API

In the above-given screenshot, the Camera2 API Probe app lists the “Hardware Support Level” for both the rear and front cameras with the Camera ID being 0 and 1 respectively. It shows whether your phone is capable to support camera2 API or not in certain distinctive features. We have mentioned the following features with there actual mean:

LEGACY: These Android phones support only Camera1 API. No Camera2 API features are made available here.
LIMITED: These phones support some, but not all, Camera2 API capabilities.
FULL: These phones support all of the major capabilities of the Camera2 API.
LEVEL_3: These devices support YUV reprocessing and RAW image capture, along with additional output stream configurations, which is considered as the best.

How to install Google cam mod (CAMERA2 API enabled)

1] Download the Google camera app for your device from the Google camera Port Hub over at XDA Developers or from here if your device wasn’t in XDA Developers. This site provides some generic APK that should possibly work across all devices with all features.

2] Now go to Settings > Advanced > Install from unknown sources > tap ‘Allow this installation only’ > Tap on ok.

3] Now, the installation will go on like any normal APK, and you’d be able to see the app in your app drawer and will work alongside the default camera app on your smartphone.

How to enable camera2 API, if my phone doesn’t have support for it?

This method includes rooting, Are you ready? ….Then read below.

You can simply edit the “build.prop” file while giving root access, so as to enable camera2 API on your own. It’s simple. Have a look.

How to edit Build.prop file to enable Camera2 API

Firstly, Download the build.prop editor app for free. click here.

  • Launch the app, and give it root permissions. Then, tap on the edit icon.
  • At the end of the build.prop file, enter the following line, and then tap on the save icon.
  • Simply restart your phone, and the Camera2 API should be enabled now.
  • Bang! Now you are ready to install GCAM mod and start taking amazing snaps directly from your old camera lens.

Here some links to the latest links, to download GCAM mod for Android:

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