How to increase wifi internet speed?

How to increase/improve wifi internet speed? 15 tips & tricks to boost your Internet Download/Upload speed in 2020

Due to this outbreak of pandemic almost all the cities in the world are in lockdown and so everybody is working from home now. Now due to this, there is heavy congestion on the wifi network as everybody is using the same wifi network and everybody needs good speed from the wifi network. But due to congestion you are getting slow speeds and are unable to stream movies or attend zoom meetings. We at The Techno Drift are here to suggest some ways, How To Increase/Improve Wifi Internet Speed? These 15 Tips will let you Increase your Internet Speeds in a better way. Try Them Out.

1. Contact your ISP

First of all, contact your ISP (Internet service provider) and ask if there are any problems with their server. If there is some problem with the servers or if they are upgrading then there might be some issues with the speeds and in that case, we just have to sit tight and wait for them to solve.

2. Restart the router (Freqently)

Reset The Router

This is the most popular solution for all gadgets or electronics and we will recommend doing it. Nobody switches off the router and if you are among them consider switching it off for some seconds and connect freshly. This would reboot the connections and may improve speed.

3. Disconnect unused devices & stop background programs

Sometimes people keep their wifi on and the wifi gets automatically connected and even if they are not using it, data gets consumed in the form of automatic system updates or automatic app updates. So we recommend to check all the connected devices to your wifi and disconnect the unused devices or at least check if any downloading of updates is going on or not. Also, check the background programs that are running on your PC or smartphone and terminate unused programs.

4. Reset the router: How To Increase/Improve Wifi Internet Speed?

If restarting doesn’t help then there might be the need to reset it. Each and every router has a reset button at the back of the router and pressing and holding it for 10-15 seconds and your router will be brand new. You then need to set up a password again. This is much like factory resetting a phone.

5. Check The position of your Router

Position Of Your Router

The location of the router matters a lot as signals are difficult to penetrate through long and thick walls. Avoid hiding your router at some congested place and place it in a higher and open environment. Try to position it centrally so that signals can reach each and every corner. Avoid placing it near the refrigerator or microwave ovens or near to any other electronic devices to avoid network congestion.

6. Switch to 5GHz or get a dual-band router

Old routers do not have support for both the dual bands i.e 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 2.4GHz means low speed but long-range whereas 5GHz means high speed but short range. If you are using a dual-band router then connect to 5GHz mode or if you have a single band router then consider getting a dual-band router. It’s just inversely proportional Higher the frequency lesser the distance, hence results in less Bandwidth Consumption. By This Method, You can also increase WiFi Speed on Mobile (Android/iOS).

7. Start Using A wired ethernet cable

Most laptops do not support the 5GHz band which gives better speed than 2.4GHz but less range. So even if you get a dual-band router you will not get the same speeds in laptop. In that case, you have to get a LAN cable and connect it directly into the LAN port of your laptop to get the exact same speed as the 5GHz band. Even Using the same method in PC will always add another suitable way of getting better bandwidth and speed throughout your sessions. Using A wired cable will low down the ping issues, hence will give you a better user experience as if WiFi as much interference within.

8. Find out the wifi dead spots & use a repeater

Wifi dead spots simply mean a spot or a place in your house or office where there is no signal or very weak signal reaching to you. You can download some good rated wifi dead spot or wifi scan apps to find out the wifi dead spots in your house. Then you can purchase a WiFi repeater or another router (whichever is cheap and convenient) and place them in such areas and in this way you can extend the range of your WiFi and get some amazing high speeds. Doing this will significantly increase your speed and will get you even more coverage which also works with 5GHz Band.

9. Replace/Re-arrange antennas of the router

Re-Arrange Antennas Of The Router

This might be a solution if you think your router is ages old. There might be some new models and if they are compatible with your router consider replacing them with new powerful antennas for better range and speeds. If you are going to buy a new router then check for more antennas and the maximum speeds that they can support.

10.  Add protection to wifi: How To Increase/Improve Wifi Internet Speed?

If no program or device is using the bandwidth then there could be a chance your neighbour is stealing your bandwidth. If your WiFi isn’t secure enough or not secured at all, then someone may connect to it and use your bandwidth. You should use WPA2 security, as it is currently the most advanced protocol to secure your WiFi. You will have to change the password from your router’s main interface. The interface is different from every router so we can’t provide exact instructions. Just choose WPA2 security and AES encryption, and use a strong password.

11. Update network drivers & router firmware

If the above tips are not working for you then consider checking whether your network drivers of your PC and router firmware are up-to-the-date or not. If they are some new updates then update them without giving a second thought.

12. Change wifi channel

How to Change Wifi Channel

Wireless signals work on different channels similar to radio signals, and all routers near your area are connected to these channels. If there are loads of routers connected to the same channel, they may interfere with each other’s signals. In that case, you have to manually change this channel and choose the one that has a lesser load. WifiInfoView or Net Stumbler are some great tools that are simple and free. When you launch the program, it will show all Wi-Fi channels and how much they are crowded. Here you can select the one that is the least crowded and you are out of the crowd and you are ready to experience a congestion-free channel.

 13. Sometimes download speeds depend on the server

What does that even mean? If you are downloading something and you have good download speeds then there is no guarantee that the files will be downloaded faster from each and every website. This depends on the server of the website. Like just for example if you are updating your phone through the updater app in the settings of your phone then you might get slower speeds but if you go to chrome and download the update file manually then you might get better speeds. Try downloading your files from different websites.

14. Stop Using Free VPN Services

If you are using a free VPN then consider using a paid VPN because free VPNs often limit their bandwidth to a certain speed for free users and choosing a paid plan will give you higher bandwidths. You can check our article on some best-paid VPNs.



Sorry that was definitely not a pro tip but if you are using a broadband connection or dial-up connection then come on guys it’s 2020, use a fiber connection and you get speeds up to 1-10 GBPS, Plus if you are looking for fiber connection then enquire what all companies are providing fiber services in your area and switch to a good fiber service providing good speeds at great prices and also have great customer care service.

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