How To Increase Mobile Internet Speed?

How to increase/boost Mobile internet speed? 10 tips to boost your Speed of Mobile Internet

Now is the time that everybody is working from home and it is indeed true that Indian users prefer mobile data than wifi according to OpenSignal. But are you getting slow mobile data speeds? Are you even unable to send a WhatsApp message then there is definitely a problem and so we at The Techno Drift are here to suggest 10 Tips & Tricks, “How To Increase Mobile Internet Speed?

How To Increase Mobile Internet Speed?

Restart your phone and reinsert your sim card:

This seems to be a very lame way but trust us 90% of all problems are solved through a restart. So at first, we would suggest you to restart your phone and reinsert your sim card again. This will solve all possible network glitches on your phone.

Remove unused apps & widgets

We may have downloaded some apps for some specific reason and then forgotten to delete it. So make sure you delete all the unused apps that you will not use any longer because those apps use up a portion of data in the background and uninstalling them will free some additional data for you and result in good data speed. Also, don’t clutter your home screen with widgets that needs data to be refreshed like weather widgets, etc. Make a clean home screen setup.

Turn off syncing: How To Increase Mobile Internet Speed?

Turning off the sync option also helps in increasing data speed as mobile data is always used to sync your data in the background. But this option should be used in caution because after disabling sync you will no longer get your email notifications on time and your data will also not sync automatically and you have to manually do it every time. So keep that in mind.

Clean cache files of apps

This is a must thing which needs to be done, Cleaning cache files significantly helps in internet boost. Navigate to apps section in the settings and click on the storage use of any particular app. There clear the cache of that app. Remember to not delete the data of that app otherwise the app will start afresh.

How To Boost Mobile Internet Speed?

Try to use the lite version of apps

If you are using some app very rarely then try using its lighter version such as Facebook lite, Messenger lite, Twitter lite, Spotify lite, etc. Lite apps generally use less data compared to the original app and also retain most of the features of the original app.

Update your apps frequently: How To Increase Mobile Internet Speed?

Sometimes developers may have pushed a new update containing some new feature and that feature may just be eating up your data and battery. So keep your apps updated because your developers may have fixed that issue in the latest update.

Disable background data of apps

You can check the data usage of any app by going to the data usage option in settings. You can check whether you need that app to use your mobile data in the background or not. If not then disable the mobile data option of that app. In this way, you can significantly increase network speed. Additionally, you can also turn on data saver mode/ low data mode which will do the same thing.

Reset your network settings

Head over to back up and reset and choose reset wifi, mobile& Bluetooth or reset system settings. After that, your system settings will become afresh and you have to add them again. This is much likely a restart of your phone. In extreme cases, you can also do a full factory reset of your phone and it will solve any issue regarding mobile data.

Call while downloading or uploading

At first, it may seem weird but this has helped many users and we have also tested it. You just have to place a call to somebody but make sure you both are from the same service provider and keep the call on as long as your download or upload is completed. This will significantly boost your data to some extent.

How to Increase speed in Jio?

Add a new APN (Only for JIO users)

For this head over to settings>Sim card & cellular data>select your sim>Access Point Name>Click on the + icon>Set the name to “Jio 4G LTE Network”> set APN to “jionet”> set APN Protocol to “IPV4/IPv6”> Set APN Roaming Protocol to “IPV4/IPV6”> Click on the 3 dots on the top right corner and click on save. This would do the job of boosting the internet speed for jio users.

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