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How to fix lag issue in pubg mobile in Android [New 2019 Methods]

PUBG mobile is one of the most popular games in Country now. It seems the game’s servers are adequate, but still, sometimes we face issues like higher pings. Which make the gameplay completely unresponsive and result in higher frame drop and lag issue. Users may have a slow internet connection, even users with better connectivity can’t seem to get ping below 100 ms in some cases. And to solve this native problem. We have got you this article in which we discuss how to fix lag issue in pubg mobile in android. Based on players feedback, we have designed some new methods.

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Effective ways to reduce lags in pubg mobile:

Use of VPN:

Sometimes due to heavy load, PUBG servers can’t manage the multiple requests from each IP and that results in higher ping rates. So, you can simply change the server in PUBG Mobile and play the game with less ping than 100. Apart from that, you can also use a VPN service which will connect you to a different server with different location. I have used the Express VPN and it’s among the best VPNs out there with fabulous response time. So, install the VPN and try playing PUBG. You should get a lower ping in result.

Disable Background Synchronisation:

You can also try this method to fix lags in PUBG Mobile by stopping background syncing of apps for simply going into the settings panel and then apps section. You can do this on any Android device. Here, select the over used app and tap on “Restrict data usage”. Now, uncheck “WLAN\WiFi” and “Mobile data” both.

Control WiFi Settings:

Playing PUBG mobile on WiFi with a good internet connection and still your ping is high then you might have to configure the WiFi settings. Open the Settings of your router and go to WiFi. Here, search for “Advanced” or “Additional Settings”. Then, search for the Traffic mode and change the same to “Extreme Mode”. It will continuously re-route all network connectivity to the current application which will focus on lower ping rates.

Use default game booster (If provided):

Nowadays, smartphones are offered with inbuilt game boosters which are developed to reduce background activities which will result in smooth gameplay. These boosters can optimize the performance of the device, low down latency and prioritize the bandwidth for the particular app. These default boosters can also help to stop background apps from accessing network, RAM while playing games. So, just by controlling the background syncing and you will have lower ping and fewer lags on PUBG Mobile. In certain, if your device does not have a dedicated game booster, you can download a game booster app from the play store by just searching one. You will thoroughly enjoy a lag-free game.

Repair or Re-Install PUBG:

If above-mentioned ways don’t work, you can always repair PUBG using the inbuilt settings. On the login screen, click the “Repair” button and which will re-install PUBG and refresh it. This will reset all your gaming configurations and defined controls. This should significantly reduce ping while playing PUBG.

Switch to 5Ghz router mode (If available):

You can certainly go for a change in your router and configure it to 5Ghz mode. As if 5Ghz band will transmit in high frequency which will give more hassle-free network uses. If you are having a faster internet connection and cant take the maximum use of it, then you must be lost somewhere. If you don’t have a 5Ghz router system then consider upgrading to one which will give you better performance. Enjoy PUBG lag-free with zero latency.

Reduce lag in PUBG and Enjoy Smooth Gaming

This was some ways to reduce lags in your gameplay. We hope this was helpful and you will implement in your gameplay. Thank you for reading our article and don’t forget to leave a comment. This will kick us to work on more articles like this. For more info. We hope our “How to fix lag issue in pubg mobile in Android” helped you in respective ways.

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