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Color OS 7 launched: New features, Oppo and Realme phones availability

BBK electronics subsidiary Oppo has unveiled the new version of its customized skin, the COLOR OS 7. The new OS is faster, stable & power saving. It is based on the new era of infinity design and thanks to this Color OS is now more lightweight and minimalistic in nature. It comes with some great new features such as DocVault, Riding Mode, Music Party, SoLoop video editing app and many more. Additionally, the look and feel of the entire user interface is completely revamped. The icons are now more minimal and the colour scheme is beautiful. The notification panel looks much better than before just like One UI and there’s also the much-awaited dark mode. ColorOS 7 also comes with dynamic wallpapers which gives a fresh look. Today we are going to have an in-depth look into the features and Color OS 7 availability for both oppo and realme users.

Color OS 7 UI Change LOG

Color OS 7 Icons

Color OS 7 icons

The icons of new Color OS 7 are now more material in design & looks a lot like the stock android icons. Users can now customize icons according to their own choice.

Color OS 7 Wallpapers

Oppo has started a new artistic wallpaper project for its new Color OS 7. Color OS also features dynamic wallpapers which are basically live wallpapers and responds to a user’s gestures. Color OS introduces a very artistic wallpaper concept which resembles to that of Apple’s Mac OS’s wallpaper which changes according to the time of a day. Here Oppo has used India’s Palace of wind’s, The Hawa Mahal.

Color OS 7 live wallpaper
Color OS 7 live wallpaper

Color OS 7 New epic sounds

Oppo has partnered with an established sound company called Epic sound to improve the overall sound effects of Color OS 7. The alarm sounds in the new Color OS 7 are so soothing and pleasing that you can’t wake against it, just kidding. It features a weather adaptive alarm which adjusts according to the weather outside.

Color OS 7 User Interface

Color OS 7 UI

The UI of the new Color OS 7 has been redesigned for a full screen experience. It introduces a new feature of Modal Pages where a user can complete the work in a single page rather than going into multiple pages with just one hand which makes the OS more intuitive to use.

Color OS 7 Screenshots

Color OS 7 screenshot

Color OS also brought the very popular 3-finger screenshot but wait whats so new about this. Color OS brings with it a plenty of customisations which includes swiping up over the preview of screenshot for long screenshot & swiping down for share. It also houses a unique feature of holding a particular part of the screen with 3-fingers to take a screenshot of that particular region without the need of editing the whole screenshot.

All day comfort Dark Mode

Color OS 7 dark mode

Color OS also brings the much-awaited dark mode to all its system apps. Intrestingly they are also support many of your 3rd party apps which don’t support dark mode yet such as facebook, whatsapp and many other. As a result this reduces the overall power consumption to over 38%.

Color OS 7 Animation

Color OS 7 UI

Color OS also bring in some changes to the animation called Quantum animation which according to me resembles much like ios animations. Charging animations also make their way to Color OS 7 which showcases their super fast 65W Super VOOC charging. There are also some nifty changes to the animations inside the weather app. The weather app also responds to touch and changes to a dark theme during the night. There are many more changes in the animation of Color OS 7 that we can write a book on it, I mean it. Well you can experience them right in your phone after the update is rolled out.

Universal theme

Color OS 7 universal theme

Yes its here. Color OS will provide multiple themes on its app and will also enable users to edit the themes according to user’s choice and most important you can upload them to oppo platform. Not only that but these themes will be completely free.

Breeno Voice

Color OS 7 breeno voice assistant

With other smartphones coming up with their own voice assistants, Oppo announced their own voice assistant Breeno to help users complete their daily multitasking needs. But don’t worry google assistant is also there to make your life smoother. But we have to see whether it can make it to realme smartphones.

Cross brand file transfer service

With recent announcement by xiaomi, oppo & vivo about a cross file sharing platform just like Airdrop on IOS, Oppo today announced the inclusion of this feature in Color OS. Xiaomi recently gave this feature in MIUI 11 & oppo included this in Color OS 7 which we think will make it to realme smartphones too. Lets see when vivo adopts it.

Color os 7 New camera Features

Color OS 7 camera features

With Color OS 7, Oppo brings in AI beautification 2.0 for much more clearer and sharper selfies. It also brings in Ultra Dark mode for noiseless night photos and videos. Color OS brings in its very own video editor called Soloop for amazing video editing ready to be shared directly to tik-tok or youtube. Oppo also partnered with google camera & developed an app called camera X to improve the shutter speed, startup speed and HDR.

Color os 7 Doc-Vault: Color OS 7 availability for realme

Doc Vault enables users to store personal documents such as your aadhar card or driving license and it is still secure and faster to find as Oppo has partnered with Ministry of IT to retrieve your documents right from your Digilocker Id. So now you don’t need to install another app or carry your documents physically.

Riding Mode: Color OS 7 availability for realme

Colos OS 7 brings in riding mode which after enabling will block most notifications except those which are whitelisted by the user. While calls are automatically rejected and a message is sent to the caller that the receiver is riding a motorcycle and is unable to take the call. This in result will help in not getting distracted while riding their two-wheelers and focus on trip & safety.

Music Party

Color OS 7 Music

Unable to hear music from your phone’s speaker because of low volume. Color OS has got you covered. Introducing music party. Once a user turns on music party, other oppo users can simply scan a QR code and play the same music on their phone.

Color OS 7 availability

  • Color OS for Phase 1 for Oppo Reno and Reno 10x zoom will arrive on November 26, 2019
  • Color OS for Oppo Reno 2, F11, F11 Pro will arrive on December 2019
  • Color OS 7 for Oppo Reno 2 Z, Reno 2 F, Reno Z, Find X (all versions), R17, R17 Pro, RX17 Pro, Oppo A9 will arrive on Q1 of 2020
  • Color OS 7 for Oppo R15, R15 Pro, K3, F7, F9 (F9 Pro), A9 (2020), A5 (2020) will arrive on Q2 of 2020.

Color OS 7 for Realme

Color OS 7 for realme devices

In an official press release, Realme released the roadmap for its own customized ColorOS 7 based on Android 10. The first beta will arrive at Realme X2 Pro owners on December 18, but strangely enough, the flagship is not going to be the first to get a stable release.

Realme is currently beginning the color os 7 beta registration for beta testers. Applications have to be filled at the company’s community page. Starting from November 27 until December 3, users will be recruited to the color os 7 beta test program of the Realme X2 Pro. Beta testers from the Project X and Realme XT campaigns who have a proven track record of beta testing can also join in.

When is Color OS 7 Coming to Realme phones?

Color os 7 to Realme X2 pro
  • Color OS 7 for Realme XT & Realme 3 pro will arrive on January 2020
  • Color OS 7 for Realme X & Realme 5 pro will arrive on February 2020
  • Color OS 7 beta will arrive on Realme X2 pro on December 18 while the stable update will arrive on March 2020.
  • Color OS 7 for Realme 3 & Realme 3i  will arrive on April 2020
  • Color OS 7 for Realme 5 & Realme 5s will arrive on May 2020
  • Color OS 7 for Realme 2 pro will arrive on June 2020
  • Color OS 7 for Realme C2 will arrive on Q3 of 2020

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